We rescue them, give them the care they need and find them loving homes.

Our work is guided by our three core values: compassion, integrity and dedication.

We are a non-profit registered Non-Governmental Organisation (Reg. No.: 205916013). We are based in Dragonovsti, Bulgaria serving the municipality of Gabrovo. Our services are needed in the area to implement innovative programs to alleviate the problem of too many unwanted dogs.

Established in 2019, so far we have rescued over 100 dogs.

We opened a shelter in 2020 which provides a safe sanctuary for dogs in need. Support will include neutering/spaying, socialising, behaviour management, medical treatment and a warm safe place to stay before seeking their loving home.

Everydaystray NGO works closely with the community on an education project named ‘Breaking the chains’. In 2021 we aim to visit schools with an education programme about animal care. In addition, we will be working with members of the community who inappropriately chain their dog/s.